The following "British" kennels all had important stud dogs as their main claim to fame, as well as, bitch champions.

STENBURY – was started with a TORRADALE foundation by Enid Minter in 1947 with a puppy, Show Champion Torradale Kim of Stenbury. Enid was a great advocate of line-breeding which produced many beautiful offspring. In the mid-1980’s, Enid took a partner in her prefix, Anne Nerell, a Swedish Golden Retriever breeder. STENBURY dogs were henceforth, not shown much in England, but more Champions were made up in Scandinavia.

YEO – One of the most important kennels & the source of many others – Mrs. Lucille Sawtell’s YEO. Other than WESTLEY, YEO is the only post-war kennel that has bred Field Trial Champions & Bench Champions.

GLENNESSA – This kennel, which has, over the years, had a big influence on the breed, is owned by Wing Cm “Jimmy” Iles and his wife, Muriel & later also by their daughter, Julia. This kennel produced Goldens that were admired very much. These dogs were of a lovely type & sired several of the great sires of the late 80’s & 90’s.

SANSUE – many kennels are known for stud dogs or bitches who go on to found other lines. The third kennel, after WESTLEY & CAMROSE, which has been of such importance, not only for its stud dogs but also for its bitches is Val Birkins’ SANSUE, now in partnership with her daughter, Sandra. All at SANSUE are mainly house dogs, like many from WESTLEY & CAMROSE. These three great kennels put a lot of time into housing, exercising, conditioning & loving their dogs. STENBURY & GLENNESSA lines produced the influential show & stud dog, Ch. Sansue Golden Ruler (32 CC’s) & his sister, Show Champion Sansue Phoebe. There have been 18 United Kingdom title-holders owned or bred at SANSUE.

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