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The Golden Retriever in America has become quite notable in its achievements. Behind many of these fine dogs are some rather well-known breeders. I want to acknowledge several of these that have helped contribute to the outstanding American bloodlines in the dogs in my kennel – EMANUEL HOMESTEAD GOLDENS. I believe that it is because of the special dogs we have here & also have produced in the past, as well as, those we are currently producing in our breeding program, that the name of my kennel has the fine reputation that is has. My goal is to maintain a high level of “excellence” in the breeding of some of the BEST Golden Retrievers America has to offer today!!

In Dec. of 1978 I established my kennel with my first Golden Retriever, Emanuel Homestead’s Brandy, whose incredible pedigree includes FEATHERQUEST, LIBERATOR, BECKWITH’S, & HIGH FARMS finest dogs. In May of 1993 I brought in Emanuel Homestead’s Annie, again, with the same BECKWITH’S Copper Coin; Gayhaven Fancy & Copper Ingot, along with BRACKENHOLLOW’s Brazen-Pixie & Golden Yoke, as well as, HIGH FARMS’s awesome dogs. In addition, I brought in Emanuel Homestead’s Clancy in Dec. of 1987, who represents Champions from the excellent American Kennels of CLOVERDALE, TWIN BEAU-D; GOLD-RUSH & SUNSET. In 2002 – 2003 I brought in Emanuel Homestead’s Shasta; Emanuel Homestead’s Shiloh & Emanuel Homestead’s Tessa along with 2 new males – Vandonna’s Teddy Bear & Emanuel Homestead’s Cooper. These special Goldens have too many outstanding Kennels & Champions within their pedigrees to list here. I could go on with these & several other of my incredible Goldens – but you can go to the descriptions that accompany the photographs of each of my dogs to see & to learn more about their characteristics, bloodlines & heritage.

Dr, & Mrs. Mark Elliott has the well-known and long successful East Coast FEATHERQUEST Kennels of River Road Farm, Carlisle, Massachusetts. Mrs. Elliot, who owned and trained the first UD (Utility Dog) title (1941), is well-known world wide as an historian of the Golden Retriever. Mrs. Elliott has done much research on Goldens and is especially interested in gait and soundness. She bred selectively and her dogs always reflect high quality.

Dick and Ludell Beckwith (BECKWITH’S) started in Duluth, Minnesota, (later moving to Washington State on the West Coast), with their multiple-titled dog, American Canadian Mexican. Bermudian Champion Beckwith’s Copper Coin CD, homebred from old American lines. A puppy bitch from Betty Gay, Beckwith’s Gayhaven Fancy, was bred to Copper Coin, and produced the outstanding sire, Am. Can. Mex. Ch. Beckwith’s Frolic of Yeo CDX. Bred to Ignot several times, Frolic produced a number of notable Goldens. The Beckwith’s have incorporated a number of bloodlines into their breeding program, and are also well-known as judges of sporting breeds.

Nancy Garrison’s LIBERATOR Goldens in Massachusetts were a combination of American & English lines.

Peter & Rose Lewesky, accounted for more than 130 Champions & UD title holders, sired on bitches from all over the country. One of the most influential dogs of the 1970’s and later was the sire Ch. Sunset’s Happy Duke. Another son of Duke, Champion Cummings Gold-Rush Charlie who produced at least 50 additional Champions. Charlie was the foundation of Ann Johnson’s well-known large GOLD-RUSH kennel in New Jersey. [SHASTA, SHILOH & TESSA claim Champion Cummings Gold-Rush Charlie in their Pedigree!!]

Leslie Dove’s GOLDWING line (Virginia) carries a strong Gold-Rush background. Ch Goldwing Rhythym-n-Blue, & her son Ch. Goldwing True Bear (by Ch. Gold-Rush Great Teddy Bear), were prolific producers, having many notable descendents.

Other Eastern "American" kennels based on similar lines include SUNSHINEHILL (Elaine Fraze), TWIN-BEAU-D (Nancy Dallaire) and CLOVERDALE (Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zimmerman).

Connie Gerstner’s MALAGOLD (Wisconsin) kennels also started in the early 1960’s. Malagold has produced an exceptionally consistent line, combining both "American" & "English" titles.

Laura Ellis Kling’s LAURELL name has been seen on many winning show dogs.

Ellen Manke’s AMBERAC kennels (Wisconsin) has been producing winning show dogs for more than 20 years, including the Outstanding Producers Ch Amberac’s Aristocrat CD and Ch Amerac’s Asterling Aruba, owned by Mary Burke, Aruba was the foundation dam for Mary’s ASTERLING bloodline. In her five litters she produced some 30 or so Champions. Concentrated line breeding and inbreeding on Aruba has produced a consistent line of dogs bred for show-winning achievement. In the Midwest, ASTERLING Golden Retrievers, owned by Mary Wuestenberg, has produced two Best in Show winners – mother and daughter in 1983.

The SENECA Kennels, owned by John & Sandy Kelly, in Germantown, Maryland, have bred a Best In Show Winner.

Colorado has been a special area of Golden activity ever since John Rogers Magoffin established the Gilnockie kennels there. Later, the Gilnockie name was carried on by Mrs. Eleisa Enloe. She used both Gilnockie and GOLDENLOE as affixes.

The BEAUMARIS kennel of John and Anne Bissette contributed many dogs of lovely type through several English imports. After John’s death, however, the kennel became inactive, though Anne is still very much interested in Goldens.

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